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Surviving Dyslexia through the eyes of our students and our Collaborative Resource Programs…

Longleaf Academy

Now my brain is ready to learn!

My name is Patrick. It was hard in elementary school because I have severe dyslexia and dysgraphia. Dyslexia and dysgraphia is when you have a difficult time learning to read and write. When I tried to read, the words were jumbled up and my brain felt like it would explode with words. Dysgraphia is when your brain can’t remember how to write letters and which letters go with which sounds. My handwriting was like forming letters without any fingers. In 2nd grade, the teachers tried to teach me multiplication; why did they do that? I don’t know, but it was horrible. My brain wasn’t ready to process the facts. Dyslexics don’t process words quickly, therefore learning facts is hard. I was not ready for that then. In 3rd grade, I went to another school and I liked it! The teachers at the new school didn’t make me do a lot of math and they didn’t make me take a timed test. They understood better how my brain worked. In 5th grade, some teachers were great, but there was one who was not nice. She never helped me read or write. Now I am at Longleaf Academy. I can read and write better and I’m doing great in math. Now my brain is ready to learn math fact and I can process more quickly now. All the teachers here helped me improve!


Offering Exceptional Opportunities Since 1970

By having a collaboration with Longleaf Academy, we are able to provide the resources necessary to help our learners reach their maximum potential. The Orton-Gillingham trained staff not only works with students to meet their unique educational needs, but also provides strategies for the classroom teachers to implement for differentiation in their classroom. The collaboration has been a positive experience for our families and Fayetteville Academy.

Dawn Burt, Director of Lower School Fayetteville Academy

Providing a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Our collaboration with Longleaf Academy offers students who need to “learn how to learn differently” a place where their individual needs can be met in a nurturing environment. Students quickly become more confident learners knowing they are supported through a team effort…Longleaf teacher, classroom teacher, and parent. It is always such a blessing to see our Longleaf students thrive at EDS, and we greatly value our relationship and collaboration with Longleaf Academy.

Dr. Jill Connett, Head of Schools

We strive to continue the development of the student as a complete person.

The collaboration of St. Patrick Catholic School with Longleaf Academy allows us to better live out our mission of nurturing students who develop a concerned awareness for the dignity and worth of others, regardless of physical or learning differences. We want all of our students to be capable of assuming a place in the world community, not only those who fit a specific criterion. The extra support that is provided by Longleaf operates hand-in-hand with our ability to offer a more diversified curriculum which will help students acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for a meaningful life.

Laura Abboud, Principal

Looking forward to the opportunities of the 2020-21 school year.

Longleaf Academy will begin a collaboration with Village Christian Academy. As Executive Director of Longleaf Academy, it will most assuredly be my pleasure to serve this school. In just a few short weeks, I have come to know the desire of the dedicated staff to enable students with learning disabilities, rather than “disabling” these bright children.

Theresa Clark, Principal K-8 School

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